412-418 48th Street


5,500 sq ft



Located in the Temescal district of Oakland, this three-building residential complex on a site of almost 9,400 square feet had fallen into neglect over the years and needed a complete reclamation. In order to create more attractive and spacious outdoor areas and increase indoor living space, one of the back units was raised eight feet and the other back unit was raised eight feet and moved 20 feet forward on the site. This added another floor and allowed the living room, dining area, and kitchen of these two units to be located at the second level, with better access to natural light. It also helped to create separate outdoor living areas for each unit.

The front structure was split into two units, with one on each floor. The entire site was then renovated, with new landscaping, paving, and parking for each unit. A detailed computer model was created for both the interiors and exteriors of all three buildings and for the site. The result is a design that respects the historical nature of the buildings while opening up the interiors to bring in natural light and create more open and interconnected interior spaces.