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North Bay Healthcare / Direct Urgent Care

1679 East Monte Vista Avenue,
Suite 104
Vacaville, California

4,200 sq ft


North Bay Healthcare provides primary care and Direct Urgent Care provides urgent care in this joint clinic located next to interstate 80. For efficiency of space and function, the reception area, staff offices, patient consultation room, restrooms, break room, and storage area are all shared between the two clinics. Similar to other clinics Lawrence Rugg Architecture has designed for Direct Urgent Care, the reception area has significant access to natural light, has a clean, modern appearance and an open ceiling, and is designed to be user-friendly, with a self-check-in counter and water/coffee station. The open staff office is conveniently located between the two clinics so staff can monitor, and be accessible to, the ten exam rooms and x-ray room. The staff break room also has exterior window space at the back of the clinic. Photographs of the finished construction are not yet available.


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